Nobody Does Writing Better!

Nobody Does Writing Better!

When it comes to the ACT, SAT, GMAT and GRE writing sections, no other test prep company can help students improve both their writing skills and scores like Peak Performance. That's because we are the only test prep company to offer live, online courses focusing exclusively on writing taught by college-level writing instructors. No other company provides students with personalized essay critiques (from a trained human grader) for four practice tests. Our extensive feedback helps students better understand the weaknesses in their own writing and the specific steps needed to produce outstanding essays.

Our Live Courses Promote Greater Student Comprehension And Retention

Don't Let A Low GMAT Or GRE
Writing Score Stand In Your Way

Because GMAT and GRE writing scores are typically not weighted as heavily as verbal and math scores by admission committees, most prep courses devote only a minimal amount of time to writing. This approach may make sense for students with average or above average writing skills, but it leaves students with weaker skills out in the dry, unable to receive the help needed to meet many programs' minimum requirements. If you're looking to raise your GMAT or GRE writing score to a 4 or above, our online writing courses and private tutoring can help you make the cut.

We Develop The Psychological & Cognitive Skills Needed

We Help Develop the Psychological
& Cognitive Skills that Promote
Peak Performance

While other test prep companies focus almost exclusively on the various content areas covered on tests like the ACT, SAT and GRE, Peak Performance also focuses on developing the psychological and cognitive skills that promote optimal learning and performance. Our courses incorporate proven peak performance and cognitive skills training and techniques designed to increase concentration, confidence, and the brain’s ability to process information quickly and effectively under stress.

Our Admission Essay
Editing & Coaching Helps You
Stand Out From The Crowd

A memorable and compelling admission essay can help you distinguish yourself from the hordes of highly qualified applicants and make the difference between acceptance and rejection. Whether you need help polishing a completed draft or are looking for guidance from concept through completion, we can help you develop an outstanding essay that will reflect your unique personality and qualities. More...